QT | Sunday, April 14, 2013 @ Peregrine Program | 3311 W Carroll Avenue, #119, Chicago, IL 60624
A benefit for Queer Thoughts.
at Peregrine Program
SUNDAY, APRIL 14, 2013
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Pia Howell
Untitled (2012)

Alex Da Corte
Buff Ridge (2013)

Alistair Matthews
Meat Face (2013)

Michael Hunter
Untitled (2013)

Darja Bajagić
Protective Wrap (2013)

Ron Ewert
Unfinished student still life (2012)

Brand Personality (2012)

Francisco Cordero-Oceguera
friendly painting (2013)

Jack Schneider
Untitled (2013)

Micah Schippa
Double Idea (2012)

Edmund Chia
OKAY (14) (2013)

Hiba Ali
Still from "Untitled" (2013)

Hans Peter Sundquist
Untitled (2010)

Michelle Villarreal
Blue Crimson (2012)

Puppies Puppies
Untitled (2013)

Joel Dean

Brian Khek
Snow, Slate, Ivory, Au Lait (2013)

William James Joyce
Untitled (2013)

Marcel Alcalá
SFV Vandal (2013)

Brandon Seckler
Black Stain (2013)

Emma Lipp
Racks (2013)

Luis Miguel Bendaña
Miau (2013)

Lauren Elder
Compatible Actions (2013)

Steve Ruiz
What's Next? (2013)

Annie Bielski
Next Door (2013)

Ben Foch
Ode to Spirit Bird (2013)

B Ingrid Olson
Figure, Flowers (2012)

Oliver Henry
until lines (6's and 7's) scratch (2012)

Rodrigo Hernández
Is That So? (2013)

Dana DeGiulio
Drawing (2010)

Jason Benson
If you want to destroy your lungs you'll have to step outside (2013)

Eric Veit
Foot Thought (2013)

Isabella Kendrick and Lucy Silverman
Small Bag/Sack and Keychain (2013)

ARMS I (2013)

Eric Ruschman
Conjuring Cat (2013)

Brian Kokoska
Glove (2012)

Sam Lipp
Baco (2013)

Alison Veit
Pediment (2012)

Sofia Leiby
EF #1a (2013)

Montgomery Perry Smith
Rosé (2013)

Darrell Roberts
Untitled (2012)

Elyse Derosia
Eschew obfuscation, espouse elucidation (2013)

Chelsea Culp
Cherish Everything (2013)

Bridgette Buckley
24-hour Light Box, 13:00 (2010)

Daniel Shea
Player I from Blisner, III (2012)

Josh Dihle
Untitled (Drawing with Maze) (2012)

Mindy Rose Schwartz
Pin Head Family Person (2013)

Alex Valentine
Untitled (2013)

Matt Morris
Untitled (2013)

Holly Murkerson
Two Blue Skies (2012)

Cameron Harvey
Sutra 14 (2013)

Carrie Gundersdorf
Saturn and its Rings (2010)

Alice Tippit
Four Eyes (2011)

Patrick Chamberlain
O Scale (2013)

Sabina Ott
Study (Ornament I) (2013)

Alejandro Jimenez
tryanglish (2012)

Steven Husby
Untitled (2008)

Chloe Seibert
Special Edition Butt (2013)

William Bacarella
Sabre (2013)

Bea Fremderman
no.2 [Virtual Portraits and Sculptures series] (2010)

Donna Huanca
(MORPH) (2011)

Michael Milano
Untitled (couples) (2013)

Laura Veit
Untitled (2013)