Mindy Rose Schwartz

5.18.14 – 6.29.14


Mindy Rose Schwartz

Mindy Rose Schwartz is a sculptor, and she is sincere. Her work is the tightrope between beauty and a terrifying nausea; the sudden onslaught of a memory exposed by objects… And the morphing effect (that’s her phrase for it)… Yes! The Morphing Effect! Morphing is a process dictated by time; a matrix function of perception transfigured by emotion.



You will live each day in Springtime (2014). Potter's wheel, wood, paper, papier-mâché, nylon, gold thread, linen cord, iridescent paint, song







It's in the Air (2014). Pastel, chalk, paper, papier-mâché, iridescent paint





Windsong stays on my mind (2014). Paper, papier-mâché, iridescent paint, linen, cord, gold thread, jewelry, fabric flowers, wire, light





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