Lena Youkhana
curated by Puppies Puppies
3.12.17 – 4.9.17


Lena Youkhana's exhibition at Queer Thoughts includes three recent works of found video taken from websites where users uploaded them. In this case, two of the works originated in Iraq and one originated in Egypt.

In the main gallery, two works from a recent series are projected. Both were produced originally as documentation of homes available for sale. In the video installed in the gallery's back room, a night vision camera records a young man raping a donkey in an Iraqi village. The video is narrated by an American man presumably affiliated with the military.

Lena Youkhana was born in Mosul, and is currently based in Chicago. She previously exhibited at Peregrine Program, Chicago and Egg, Chicago.

Curated by Puppies Puppies.

A house in Dora for sale, Baghdad (2016).
Found video (2 minutes 58 seconds).






An apartment for sale next to Hotel Beirut and Hurrya Mall on Baghdad Street, Cairo (2016) .
Found video (11 minutes 25 seconds)









ass, an ass, and the ass (2014).
Found video (2 minutes 20 seconds)