Oh My Goddess

Kevin Champoux
Elyse Derosia
Jamie Fletcher
Matt Morris
Michelle Daniela Villarreal

10.5.12 – 10.28.12


Our mother, where is she? Her knowledge, her embrace, her lyricism. She is everywhere but she does not exist. When she ripped me from her teet she swore I would not suck her dry. What has she done with the living room? She has soiled all my white shirts. Ultimately, she is a whore.










Matt Morris, Untitled (2012). Wall rubbing, grey paint


Kevin Champoux, Untitled (Marble Painting) (2012). Paper and stretcher bars


detail view


Jamie Fletcher, 1/2 Mensch (2012). Scraped oil and acrylic on canvas


detail view


Michelle Daniela Villarreal, Replica (2012). Sumi ink on vellum and paper


detail view


Elyse Derosia, I'm Busy (2011). Archival Inkjet Print


Matt Morris, Untitled (2012). Found object


detail view


In the backroom:

Michelle Daniela Villarreal, Cake (2012). Glitter, oil on canvas


Michelle Daniela Villlarreal, Ode to Fertility Goddess (2006). Acrylic on plaster